Trampoline Park


The trampoline center is a great place to have fun and actively relax with the whole family, with children and friends

Our trampoline center is an unforgettable active holiday:

- 6 trampolines 3x3 meters;
- 6 trampolines 4.5x3 meters;
- Foam pit for landing;
- Climbing wall and rope;
- Basketball hoop;
- Curbstones for training parkour;
- Soft foam cubes, for kids;
- Table football, air hockey, game console, table tennis;
- CRAZY BALL - the largest (deepest) dry pool in the country, a slide, air cannons, a winch;
- Bull Rodeo;
- The virtual reality;
- Ames room;
- Separate room with tables for celebrations;
- It is possible to invite animators;
- Instructor in acrobatics on a trampoline;
- Jumping fitness instructor;
- A huge room for active family recreation with children and gaming holidays.

A fun and very
accessible sport!

All of us in childhood loved to jump on the bed and imagine that she throws it high into the sky! Now you can have fun jumping in a special trampoline park! Jumping on a trampoline is an excellent physical activity in which all muscle groups participate and coordination develops. Beginners will learn how to properly warm up, control their body in the air, basic acrobatic elements, and someone may even do their first somersault. And the pros will sharpen their skills and learn new tricks.



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